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Tie Top Composite Line Post Insulator

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1. Made of HTV Silicone Rubber

2. Reliable Core Rod made of Glass Fiber and Epoxy Resin

3. #45 H.D.G Metal End Fittings

4. Winning Electrical Co Limited, a leading manufacturer of Insulators.

5. Able to produce insulators from 10kV to 765kV.

6. Mechanical Load Rating from 40kN to 550kN.


Features of composite polymer insulator:

1. High Quality HTV Silicone Rubber for the sheds/housing of polymeric insulator.

2. Epoxy Pultrusion FRP Rod for the core rod of the polymeric insulator.

3. Hot Dip Galvanized Forged Steel for metal end fittings of the polymeric insulator.

4. Whole molding and injection technology.

5. Metal End Fittings are directly crimped to the polymeric insulator core rod by a circumferential crimping process.

6. Superior bending and torsion strength as well as anti-explosive, un-puncture performances.

7. Application in heavy polluted and hard-to-reach areas (swampy areas & highlands).


Benefits of Composite Insulators over Porcelain Insulators:

a. Low costs of transportations and insulator cleaning.

b. Low costs of repair and replacement of insulators.

c. No breakage during transportation, handling, loading/unloading & assembly works.

d. Application in heavy polluted and hard-to-reach areas (swampy areas & highlands)



1. IEC, ANSI and other international standards are applicable.

2. The color is Grey usually; other colors are available upon request.

3. OEM service is accessible, or according to your technical specifications.