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25kV Polymer HDPE Pin Insulator

Product Detail Information


1. Made of 100% High Density Polyethylene

2. 15kV-35kV HDPE Pin Insulators available.

3. Distribution Polymeric Pin Insulators.

4. Replacement of traditional porcelain pin insulators.

5. High impact resistance, light weight design, long life-span.

6. Winning Electrical Co Limited, a leading manufacturer of HDPE Insulators.


Product Description of HDPE Insulator

Winning Electrical (WECL) HDPE Insulators are produced of a proprietary high density polyethylene, which features good track resistant, greater leakage distance, higher flashover and impulse values, as well as other superior mechanical performances such as lighter weight, anti-crack etc.


Winning Electrical (WECL) currently is manufacturing and exporting 7 types of MAINLY Tie Top HDPE Insulators at voltage rating of 15kV,25kV and 35kV, available for applications on 1” and 1-3/8” pins depending on clients’ application and needs.


Winning Electrical (WECL) HDPE Insulators have “C” (2-1/4” nominal) and “F” (2-7/8”) necks, designed to match most head and neck dimensional standards of ANSI C29.5, Class 55-3, 55-4, 55-5, 55-6 and 55-7 pin type insulators. However, HDPE Insulators have much higher electrical and mechanical values in comparison with traditional ANSI class porcelain pin insulators.


Winning Electrical (WECL) is also able to produce Vise Top HDPE Insulators and Tie Top HDPE Insulators with “J” Neck and different thread sizes upon your request.


Benefits of HDPE Pin Insulators over Porcelain Pin Insulators:

a. Low costs of transportations and insulator cleaning.

b. Low costs of repair and replacement of insulators.

c. No breakage during transportation, handling, loading/unloading & assembly works.

d. Application in heavy polluted and hard-to-reach areas (swampy areas & highlands).