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Epoxy Core Rod for Insulator

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Features of E-glass Epoxy Rod (FRP Rod):

1. Import E-glass roving and superior-quality epoxy resin to produce fiberglass rod.

2. Pultrusion technology to assure best performance.

Applications of E-glass Epoxy Rod (FRP Rod):

1. Mainly Core rod for composite polymer insulators, core rod for strain insulator.

2. Insulation rod, power transformer and resistor, switchgear and other electrical equipments.

3. Pole top pin, sticks, hurdles, kites & sails rod, apparatus mounting bracket.

4. Poles like tent pole, flag pole, soccer pole, fish rod, cable support rod, isolation rod, duct rod.

5. Other industries where insulation, resistance to stress, corrosive atmospheres are important.

Prosperities of E-glass Epoxy Rod (FRP Rod):

1. Superior mechanical strength and high stiffness

2. Excellent Corrosion resistance

3. Light weight and low maintenance

4. Long life cycle

5. Arc and track resistant

6. Electromagnetic transparency

7. Non-magnetic and flame resistant

8. Excellent electrical insulation

9. Non-conductive thermally and electrically.


1. IEC, ANSI and other international standards are applicable.

2. The color is Green, Brown usually; other colors are available upon request.